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Molecular Mechanisms of Fear Learning and Memory (文献 Cell)


Pavlovian fear conditioning is a particularly useful behavioral paradigm for exploring the molecular mechanisms of learning and memory because a well-defined response to a specific environmental stimulus is produced through associative learning processes. (中略)

Collectively, this body of research illustrates the power of fear conditioning as a model system for characterizing the mechanisms of learning and memory in mammals and potentially for understanding fear-related disorders, such as PTSD and phobias.


LTP has provided a rich array of candidate mechanisms for the plasticity processes that could occur during actual fear learning but will not be the focus of this Review.

(中略)以下、mechanisum of/forが出てくる箇所を列挙します。

Molecular mechanisms of fear extinction will not be discussed here (for reviews, see Myers and Davis, 2007, Quirk and Mueller, 2008, Sotres-Bayon et al., 2006, Herry et al., 2010, and Pape and Pare, 2010).

We thus start our exploration of the cellular and molecular mechanisms of fear memory formation by considering the acquisition/training phase of fear conditioning during which learning occurs.

This provides a potential alternate mechanism for NMDAR activation during fear learning that is non-Hebbian in nature (i.e., does not require postsynaptic depolarization) and should be taken into consideration when discussing the effects of pharmacological manipulations of the NMDAR in the LA.

Supporting this as a mechanism for fear learning, GluA1 is increased in the LA following fear conditioning and is required for fear memory formation.

Although the mechanism of β-AR involvement in the acquisition of fear learning is unclear, one possibility is that they act on GABAergic interneurons to suppress feed-forward inhibition and enhance Hebbian plasticity mechanisms.

Though the mechanisms for this are not completely understood, it appears that PKMζ maintains fear memories by reducing GluA2 AMPAR subunit removal from synapses and thereby sustaining the synaptic strengthening originally induced by fear learning

Our understanding of the cellular and molecular mechanisms of memory reconsolidation is at an early stage.

Thus, we will focus specifically on the molecular mechanisms of auditory fear memory reconsolidation in LA neurons.

Understanding the mechanisms of this process is appealing both for understanding how memories are encoded in the brain and because it could provide new treatment avenues for debilitating memory-related disorders such as PTSD.

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Thus, we demonstrate a heretofore unknown molecular mechanism for cough induction by a virulent human pathogen via its production of a complex lipid. (論文Cell)

Our structure supports the classical “sliding helix” mechanism of voltage sensing and provides a complete gating mechanism for voltage sensor function, pore opening, and activation-gate closure based on high-resolution structures of a single sodium channel protein. (論文 Cell)

Figure 6 Gating Mechanism for Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels(論文 Cell)

3.3 Å Cryo-EM Structure of a Nonenveloped Virus Reveals a Priming Mechanism for Cell Entry論文 Cell

Our experiments establish a mechanism for ICL repair that reveals how this process is coupled to DNA replication. (論文 Cell)

We propose that a two-stage mechanism of signal-driven insertion into a membrane protein complex and subsequent integration into the lipid phase may represent a general mechanism for biogenesis of β-barrel proteins.(論文 Cell


~のメカニズム というときに、mechcanism underlying ~ という言い方もできます。

A Possible Molecular Mechanism Underlying Memory Maintenance.