For the first few years, it will be free to publish in eLife; we will have no publication fees or other charges to authors. (eLife All that buzz Tuesday, April 24, 2012)


This month, eLife is announcing that a fee for publication of $2,500 (USD) will take effect on January 1, 2017. All papers submitted from January 1 will be subject to the fee if they are accepted for publication, although authors with insufficient funding will be eligible for a fee waiver. (Inside eLife: Setting a fee for publication Thursday, September 29, 2016)



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  3. 科学出版の本当のコスト 低コストのオープンアクセスジャーナルの出現で、論文掲載料に対する出版社の付加価値に関して疑問の声が上がっている。(Nature 495, 426-429 (2013年3月28日号) | doi:10.1038/495426a Richard Van Noorden)